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  • William Harrison
  • william in welding gear
  • william in welding gear
  • Truck tow dolly 6000 lb axle

William Harrison is the owner / operator of Custom Car Dolly Corp. and trade name Custom Tow Dolly, and I now build and design full time these well built tow dollies I am proud to put my name behind as what I feel is the best tow dolly one could be proud to own.

We are a small welding and fabrication shop that specializes in designing and making tow dollies and single axle trailers.

Our business is located in Cereal, Alberta and I recently sold out my main business after 40 years while hobby welding for over 20 years and is now welding full time since 2016. 

My goal is to make and sell an affordable Tow Dolly that are built to last and yet light enough for any one from teen to retired to be able to handle one of our tow dollies for an easy hookup.

We are the only registered manufacture of tow dollies in Canada, built 100% by us in Alberta.

We also try to keep informed of the local laws and post them here on our website.


Over 40 years in the blasting and painting industry, and 20 years as a hobby welder

  • Welding designer tables
  • Welding single axle trailers
  • Over 40 years as an industrial, residential painter
  • 3 years metal fabrication
  • Tow Truck Owner/Operator for 2 years
  • Master Painter / Sandblaster / Soda Blaster for over (40 years)

We also design and make each and every Tow Dolly in our shop, that we allow (7) days to complete

100% made in canada dolly
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