We custom build tow dollies / trailers


Our tow dolly can be towed empty at high speeds with no problem of bouncing all over the road and can carry any front wheel drive vehicle old or new.

Our newest and final design tow dolly is our BAD BOY DOLLY being sold at $2495

Bad Boy Dolly

  • Bad Boy Dolly
  • Bad Boy Dolly
  • Bad Boy Dolly
  • Bad Boy Dolly
  • Bad Boy Dolly
  • Bad Boy Dolly

This dolly is $2495 and is made to last a life time, you won't find a better and stronger built tow dolly like this one anywhere. This Tow Dolly is painted flat black with custom 4" Drop 3500 lb axle with electric brakes that comes with heavy duty ramps, safety chains, wheel net straps and LED lights. 

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Motorcycle Attachment

  • motorcycle attachment
  • motorcycle attachment
  • motorcycle attachment

• We offer a motorcycle attachment that will carry any size bike and the extra cost is $350.

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Sled Deck

• We offer an all metal fixed sled deck (NO SLIDES) with wood or checker plating for $1495,

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Cargo Winch / Straps

  • FREE! Trailer Light Testing
  • cargo winch
  • Tire Straps

Lashing Cargo Winch that is compatible with 2 in. straps and features a 3,335 lb safe working load, quick-release ratchet buckle and steel construction, and straps are rated @ 10,000 lbs

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FREE! Trailer Light Testing

  • FREE! Trailer Light Testing
  • FREE! Trailer Light Testing
  • Wireless brake controller
  • FREE! Trailer Light Testing
  • https://ipatools.com/product/9107a-electric-brake-force-meter-with-dynamic-load-simulation-and-circuit-testing/

We offer FREE! trailer light testing in our shop by appointment only! and if you require a wire repair or a complete rewire of your unit we offer this service also at a fixed or hourly rate. Just click the link below to fill out our request form.

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Also checkout: Electric Brake Force Meter With Dynamic Load Simulation And Circuit Testing

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Mobile Bluetooth Brake Controller

  • Bluettoth brake controller
  • Wireless brake controller
  • Wireless brake controller
  • Wireless brake controller

• Bluetooth connection to control all brake settings from your smartphone
• Triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth stops
• Wireless, portable design allows for easy transfer from one vehicle to another


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Mobile Trailer Testers

  • motorcycle attachment
  • trailer light testers
  • Light Ranger MUTT
  • Electric Brake Force Meter
  • trailer light testers battery

• We have a complete line of mobile trailer light / air brake testers for any size trailer or truck.

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Dolly Measurements / Legal (for dolly without brakes) and Dolly Instructions Here!

Bad Boy Dolly
Standard Specifications:
  • Towed Vehicle Tread Width (Max.)* - 82"
  • Overall Width 102"
  • Overall Length 107"
  • Height at Fenders 27"
  • Ground Clearance 7.5"
  • GVWR - 3,500 lbs., each model
  • Tire Size ST205/75R 15" 8 Ply Rated
  • Winch tie downs
  • Coupler Size 2"
  • Electric Brakes
  • Junction Box
  • Brake-a-way (with battery)
  • chains @ 30" each
  • 7-way pin
  • Additional 4 pin plug-in (for towing lights)
  • 2000-2500 lb had winch
  • Optional: Electric Winch
  • 2 - Tire Straps

ALBERTA GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION REGISTRAR’S EXEMPTION EMPTY CONVERTER DOLLY - A paper or electronic copy of this exemption must be carried in the vehicle and produced on demand of a peace officer.

Vehicles that can be driven on public roads

Some vehicles can be operated on public roads but are exempt from the requirement to hold valid registration. Examples include:

heavy industrial equipment such as a tractor, backhoe, grader or street sweeper trailers with permanently attached equipment such as air compressors, welders, tar buckets, concrete mixers, converter dollies, crushing equipment and jeeps and boosters when they don’t carry a load farming equipment used for agricultural uses or livestock mobile homes

Towing Dolly Brake Requirements
Check here! for the latest Canadian laws

Custom Works

  • Vinyl Rolls Holder
  • Custom End Tables
  • sled deck
Custom built welding projects for sale. Now on sale!
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